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St. Louis City and County

(3/23/20)  St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson are requiring residents of their respective areas who are in “non-essential jobs” to shelter in-place in their residences for as long as 30 days beginning Monday (3/23).  The requirement is an effort to lessen the impact of the coronavirus any more than it has in the region.

Last week, SITE and other contractor associations, sent notices to owners and officials urging them to keep jobsites running noting the exceptional safety protocols and practices our members have put in place to lessen exposure. 

Fortunately for the construction industry, these efforts have paid off. Construction employees and jobs sites have been considered “essential” and thus not subject to the shelter in-place requirements.  Your work can continue. 

Additionally, municipalities in St. Louis County are exempt from the requirement and thus building permits and inspections in those communities as well as the county will continue.

With concerns mounting as to why construction should continue to be a “essential service” under St. Louis County’s Stay-at-Home order, staff lead by Chris drafted the below comment which was read into the record today at the St. Louis County Council meeting.

County Executive Page, Chairwoman Clancy, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Council

On behalf of 120 Contractors and over 100 materials, equipment, and service suppliers, SITE Improvement Association thanks you and applauds your leadership in recognizing “Critical Infrastructure” as an essential service.

SITE Contractors are committed to performing the necessary work to guarantee that trucks can travel safely and efficiently on our roads to deliver food and gas to our merchants, and medical supplies and PPE to our hospitals.  SITE Contractors are proud to continue working on critical infrastructure of our water supply to guarantee clean drinking water; our healthiest resource.  SITE Contractors are working on the critical infrastructure of installing telecommunications lines to guarantee our medical professionals can utilize essential technology; and enable teleconference calls and online meetings that are becoming our new normal.

SITE would remind everyone that there is a benefit to performing critical infrastructure projects during these times.  As it provides added measures of safety on road and bridge projects.  Reduced traffic volumes provides fewer opportunities for accidents.  Those that may criticize the continuance of critical construction projects are unaware of strict OSHA Guidelines on social distancing.  Many SITE Contractors employ full-time safety personnel that oversee these guidelines on current job sites.

Construction on “Critical Infrastructure” is truly critical to not only the financial health, but the physical health of our society today.  We must carry on.

Thank you!

Chris Davis

Government Affairs Director

SITE Improvement Association


Jefferson County

(3/23/2020)  Jefferson County Executive Dennis Gannon today joined a list of other local county leaders in the Metro St. Louis Area by issuing an order requiring residents to Stay at Home as a means of trying to halt the spread of the coronavirus in the area.

Construction activities/services are exempted from the order, just like they have been in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.  The order takes effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and goes for 30 days, until April 23.
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SITE’s staff continues to work with other local leaders to encourage them to exempt construction related activities if they are contemplating a shelter-in-place order for their communities.

Work Travel Template


St. Charles County

(3/24/2020)  St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann joined other Missouri Metro public officials yesterday (3/23) by encouraging residents to follow a Stay-at-Home policy for his county. The executive’s “guidance” becomes effective Today, March 24 and will last 30 days, just as the other area counties have done. Essential businesses are exempt from the guidelines of Stay-at-Home.

Are construction activities essential businesses? It is up to interpretation, as Ehlmann stated

“The restrictions do not specify which businesses are essential,” says Ehlmann. “Businesses and residents, not County Government, should determine what is essential. There is no way government can be aware of the unique needs of every individual.”

SITE’s Staff contacted Ehlmann’s office to try and get clarification of “essential businesses.” We were told to draft a definition and submit it to the office which we will do. In the meantime, it is our interpretation that construction is an essential service and contractors should proceed with the work underway or planned in St. Charles County.


MoDOT Letter Regarding Active Projects

MoDOT Construction Contractors COVID-19 Update

March 24, 2020

1. MoDOT will continue to move forward with Highway Lettings and Construction Projects as scheduled. MoDOT has a continuity of operation plan and care for the infrastructure has been deemed as a critical function. That means that construction of highway projects will continue. In addition, MoDOT staff will perform construction inspection, materials testing and contract administration. We will provide payments to contractors in a timely manner.

2. As we are completing our duties, we should follow the Center for Disease Control and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines which require social distancing and reducing personal contact when possible. Preconstruction meetings will be held virtually by video or teleconference. We should be flexible and innovative in determining ways to communicate and complete our necessary duties while reducing personal contact.

3. Your Resident Engineer for your project is your primary point of contact. If you have more general questions, you can contact myself, Dave Ahlvers at 573-751-7455 or email This information will be available on the website.

4. As many of you have heard, state offices are being closed. As we discussed earlier, construction projects are considered essential infrastructure and therefore contracts will move forward. All MoDOT workers involved with construction contracts are deemed essential and will continue working while adhering to social distancing recommendations and conduct communications virtually and by phone when possible.

5. Some areas of our state have been designated “shelter in place locations”. We have provided letters to our employees identifying them as essential. MoDOT prepared a letter that contracts workers could carry with them that authorized continued work in these locations. This document was issued through the resident engineer. We have ended this process and ask that contractors and suppliers go to the CISA website. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security published a list of private sector businesses and workers considered critical infrastructure industry. Contractors could review the list and develop a document specific to their situation.

6. MoDOT is extending the due date for individuals needing technician certifications until September 1, 2020. Existing technicians will be allowed to work under their existing certification for this time period. This applies to all certifications within MoDOT’s certification program, IRI and IP equipment certifications are included in this extension.

7. Due to lower traffic volumes on our roadways, it may be possible to revise work hour restrictions on projects. Projects will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact your Resident Engineer to discuss this opportunity. Please be aware that while traffic volumes have decreased the Highway Patrol has reported an increase in excessive speeding. It is important to manage the work zones by using rumble strips, law enforcement and proper notification to keep workers and drivers safe in work zones.

8. MoDOT recognizes material shortages, subcontractor availability and illness impacting the workforce as possible issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Delays due to epidemics are specifically addressed in the Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction Section 108.14.1 Excusable or Non-compensable delay. MoDOT will provide appropriate extensions should a delay occur. Please document and send your request to the Resident Engineer as these situations occur.

9. LPA Projects (contracts with cities and counties) – Please contact the owner of your contract for specific information on how the contract is being managed as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Reimbursements to those entities for projects that have funding through MoDOT will still be processed for completed work.


St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District Essential Supplier Letter

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